Christmas-Day-with-Summer carlariding
I remember loving horses all my life.  However, as a child, riding or spending time with horses was not an available option.  Eventually, this dream became reality.

After my amazing dog of nearly 15 years went to the Rainbow Bridge,  I accepted someone’s invitation to visit their herd of horses.  I soon began visiting this herd weekly and would groom the horses, spend time with them, and observe them.  One day, I thought I should learn more about horses so off I went to the bookstore.  The book I purchased that day was “Horses Never Lie” by Mark Rashid.  I had no idea that my life was about to change in so many ways I could not imagine.

The subsequent years have been filled with horsemanship study with primarily with Mark Rashid, but also with Ray Hunt, Mark Russell, Harry Whitney and Brent Graef.  I have studied equine biomechanics with Jillian Kreinbring and equine bodywork with Dino Fretterd, as well as learning about balanced dentistry.  A huge learning in my life about horses and their well being came through my hoof care education at Equine Soundness, Inc.  Trimming barefoot horses professionally, as well as equine bodywork, is something I do in an effort to improve the quality of life for the horse.  I look forward to continuing my personal journey and also look forward to sharing my knowledge to whatever extent is helpful to others and their horses.

I am deeply grateful to every horse and every human who has contributed to my journey with horses.