The goal of this bodywork with horses is to help restore posture, function and balance.  This work was created by Dino Fretterd, CEMT, EBW.

Assessment includes the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), feet and the body.

When something is in balance, there is no greater stress in one place as compared to another.

Imbalance creates a perpetual fight between muscles.  Imbalance results in compensations which lead to limited performance. This is true anywhere in the body, including the mouth and feet.  Balanced Equine Structural Therapy is intended to help restore balance.

Just as we cannot go to the gym and expect to have a new body after one training session, the same holds true with this work for your horse. Regular care is the key to good health and maintaining balance.

I am happy to provide bodywork for your horse as part of a regular health care plan as well as prior to a competitive event.


huey01 huey_02

6 yo pony after 3 BEST sessions over 7 days. Before (left), and 7 days later (right).    Notice how, in the photo on the right, the horse’s back appears lengthened, the shoulder area appears much less contracted – especially between the neck and shoulder, the abdomen is less contracted and the entire hind end is much more rounded and relaxed in appearance.


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