“We were new to the equestrian world when Carla was referred to us by a mutual friend.  Carla took us under her wing and taught us how to truly care for our horse.  We inherited an older mare that was on the verge of foundering.  Carla taught us not only how to treat and care for our mare’s hoofs but how to care for our mare.  Carla has helped us train our mare and taught us how to properly feed and groom her.  Upon Carla’s recommendation, we changed our mare’s diet and learned how to care for her hooves properly and she is thriving.  Our mare loves Carla, and responds to her like a dear old friend and willingly does (most of the time) what Carla asks of her.  It is obvious to us and to our mare that Carla has a rare gift for working with these majestic animals.  We would recommend Carla to anyone who has hoof care or training needs.  Thank you Carla for all you have done to help us. ”

Marcia, Katheryne and Blaze