Pat,-Larry,-and-Mindy Larry-and-Mindy-and-Belle

“Meeting Carla had nothing to do with horse hooves, but WOW what a fortunate blessing for our adopted mini horse, Mindy!  Mindy came to us with a severe case of untreated Cushing’s disease and the foundering that accompanies the illness.  Carla met Mindy and offered to help with her hoof issues.  Carla’s approach was holistic and totally horse centered.  With each adjustment she evaluated Mindy’s stance and affect before continuing with the next adjustment.  Carla has only been here two times but the improvements in Mindy’s standing and more importantly her ability to move/walk is astounding!  If you are looking for a hoof care SPECIALIST look no further!  We highly recommend Carla Ball, Certified Professional Hoof Care Specialist.”

Pat, Larry and Mindy