The case studies below are examples of my work and represent hooves in progression to improved health.  The “after” pictures represent various stages of rehabilitation. These examples show change that is possible in some cases immediately after one trim, in other cases over time. The pictures are not intended to represent healthy hooves, rather hooves in progression to improved health.


Study 1

This horse’s owner called me to see this horse because of the severe horizontal crack in the left front hoof.

Left Front;  August 2011                                               Left Front;   January 2012

11-Aug-5-Dylan-LF-Cracked-Wall 12-Jan-10-Dylan-LF


Left Front Lateral View;   August 2011                               Left Front Lateral View;   January 2012

11-Aug-5-Dylan-LF-Lat 12-Jan-10-Dylan-LF-Lat


Study 2

This horse’s owner called me to potentially transition him from shod to barefoot. The picture dated March 2012, is immediately after shoe removal.  The heels are extremely contracted (which alone may cause pain) and the foot has an abnormally elongated shape. A normal coffin bone in the front hooves is round in shape and the shape of the external hoof should follow the shape of the bone.  The pictures taken May 2012 and August 2012 show the hoof becoming less contracted, not only in the heel, but also throughout the hoof capsule to a more normal shape for a front hoof.  All pictures are the left front hoof.

March 2012, after shoe removed                      May 2012                                                            August 2012

12-Mar-27-Cavalier--LF-Sole-pulled-shoe-off 12-May-1-Cavalier-LF-Sole 12-Aug-7-Cavalier-LF-Sole


Study 3

The owners of this young Arabian horse asked me to trim him as they began their journey with their first horse. The horse was uncomfortable walking over the gravel driveway; not surprising as the hoof capsule on all feet was quite shallow at the initial trim March 2013.  The horse now comfortably walks over the gravel driveway as the height of the hoof capsule in all feet has been allowed to grow – which means more sole depth and more protection for internal structures.   The hairline angle in the hoof March 2013 is 20 degrees compared to an improvement of 26 degrees in the May 2013 photo.  This confirms the trend toward improved toe height and balanced in this hoof as we work toward a 30 degree hairline angle.  Again, this hoof is in rehabilitation – still a ways to go.

Left Front;   March 2013                                                            Left Front;   May 2013

DSCN5138 - Copy13 May 6 Victory LF Lat - Copy


Study 4

All photos of this Arabian horse were taken the same day in January 2010. On the lateral view on the left, note the area of the coronet band that is pushed up as compared to how straight it is in the after trim photo on the right.  The lower set of photos illustrate the excess bar – and these are not even high bars. Observe how straight the hairline is after the trim!   This photo demonstrates how excess bar places pressure on internal structures within the hoof capsule.   I believe bars that are not correctly trimmed have the potential to damage internal structures including the deep flexor tendon, frog, navicular area, lateral cartilage as well as sole.

Left Front;     January 2010 Before Trim                                         Left Front;       January 2010  After Trim

25 Jan 10 Sammy LF Lat BT   25 Jan 10 Sammy LF Lat AT

Same horse, same left front hoof.

Left Front Sole;   Jan 2010 Before Trim             Left Front Sole;    Jan 2010 After Trim

25-Jan-10-Sammy-LF-Sole-BT  25-Jan-10-Sammy-LF-Sole-AT


Study 5

This is a 20+ yo Paint mare. These are before and after pictures taken September 2012.   The steep 40 degree hairline angle in the before picture not only adversely affects the angle of the coffin bone within the hoof capsule, but also results in imbalances of the flexor and extensor tendons and ligaments.  This horse has significant atrophy of muscles in the hind end.  Balancing the hind feet is critical to ability of this horse to walk well.

Right Hind Before Trim;    Sept 2012                               Right Hind After Trim;   Sept 2012

Note the >30 degree hairline angle                                    Note the 30 degree hairline angle

12-Sep-11-Dacota-RH-Lat-BT---Copy 12-Sep-11-Dacota-RH-Lat-AT---Copy


Study 6

This is an 11yo gelding.  All pictures below are the left front hoof. There is obvious damage at the coronary band which affects growth of the horn tubules at the location of scarring. Initially, March 2012, this hoof is extremely underslung. This situation is improved immediately upon the initial trim as evidenced by the change in orientation of the horn tubules and position of weight bearing.   Underslung heels can be improved with correct trimming.

Left Front Lateral View;    March 2012 Before Trim            Left Front Lateral View;  March 2012 After Trim

12-Mar-26-Prestys-LF-Lat-BT2 12-Mar-26-Prestys-LF-Lat-AT_top

Same horse as pictured above; growing out a toe crack:

Left Front;   March 2012                                                       Left Front;     December 2012

12 Mar 26 Prestys LF BT   12 Dec 5 Prestys LF


Study 7

This Missouri Fox Trotter in his teens was shod and reportedly tripping badly when ridden.  Since removing the shoes and balancing his feet, his owner, who rides him frequently in the mountains reports no more tripping.   Shoes were removed in November 2012 and the horse was trimmed at regular intervals thereafter.

Left Front Hoof Shod;     November 2012                         Left Front Hoof;      June 2013

12-Nov-30-Chief-LF-Lat-Shod 13-Jun-12-Chief-LF-Lat


Study 8

Left hind hoof of a mini horse well into her 20s with metabolic issues and a history of severe founder.   This hoof transitions from a hairline nearly parallel to the ground (approximately 15 degrees) to about 25 degrees in one trim.  This results in a much better position of the coffin bone within the hoof capsule; immediately relieving pressure on the sole corium as well as the circumflex artery.

Left Hind Hoof;    July 2013 Before Trim                            Left Hind Hoof;      July 2013 After Trim


13 Jul 11 Mindy LH Lat BT   13 Jul 11 Mindy LH Lat AT



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