Healthy Horse

  • Nutritional Considerations

    Nutritional Considerations

    Good nutrition is essential for healthy horses.  Horses need good quality protein which is digestible to have healthy hoof walls and a healthy hair coat, skin and muscles. Not all protein in commercially available feeds is digestible protein. Read ingredient […]

  • Lifestyle Considerations

    Lifestyle Considerations

    Lifestyle affects the physical and emotional well being of horses. Horses are Prey Animals This means they are ‘wired’, if you will, for survival.  Survival is paramount for the horse; it is more important than comfort, food, etc.  Understanding this […]

  • Dental Health

    Dental Health

    Having a Balanced Mouth Is A Critical Component For Horse Health This is a complex topic and I will only scratch the surface here which will hopefully peak your interest for further investigation. Achieving balance in the horse’s mouth is […]

  • Balanced Equine Structural Therapy (BEST)

    Balanced Equine Structural Therapy (BEST)

    The goal of this bodywork with horses is to help restore posture, function and balance.  This work was created by Dino Fretterd, CEMT, EBW. Assessment includes the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), feet and the body. When something is in balance, there is […]