The Barefoot Horse

  • The Barefoot Hoof Trim

    The Barefoot Hoof Trim

    The goal of every bare hoof trim I perform is to leave the horse as good or better than before the trim.  To that end, I evaluate every horse as a whole and each hoof as an individual.  I trim […]

  • What Constitutes A Healthy Hoof?

    What Constitutes A Healthy Hoof?

    A hoof in balance is a good place to start which means the hoof has correct medial lateral balance as well as correct anterior posterior balance, correct and even heel height, adequate height to the entire hoof capsule (also referred to […]

  • Frequently Seen Pathologies

    Frequently Seen Pathologies

    There are many pathologies that occur in horse’s hooves.  Many of these are, in fact, although unintentional, man made. They may be the result of soft bedding the horse stands in, lack of adequate movement, lack of correct trimming, infrequent […]

  • Case Studies

    Case Studies

      The case studies below are examples of my work and represent hooves in progression to improved health.  The “after” pictures represent various stages of rehabilitation. These examples show change that is possible in some cases immediately after one trim, […]