“It is a privilege to be able to recommend Carla as a barefoot trimmer.  Carla was the first trimmer for my first horse.  He was young and I was green.  All I knew was nothing.  He would not stand still and gave Carla a pretty rough time that actually became dangerous.  We parted ways while I began the long road of horsemanship.  I asked Carla to trim Trigger  again about a year later and began the journey once more.  Trigger still had issue with trimming his back feet but slowly he began to trust Carla with her infinite patience and understanding of the equine brain.  We were also able to address some possible hip issues as Carla sees the whole horse not just the feet.  Even though Trigger has “good feet” there is always an issue or two and Carla never misses a potential problem, tackles it and sets you up for fixing it.

I am impressed by her dedication to the lifetime learning of her craft and the vast world of high quality professionals that she seeks out.  She herself is a dedicated horsewoman and understands the challenges and joys of learning how to ride through creating the best relationship with your horse.  Having a trimmer with that knowledge has been extraordinarily helpful in my training with Trigger.  Today he stands for his trims.  There are days when he tests Carla but she is always consistent and then Trigger blows out and allows her to do what she does best…help a horse have healthy, good looking feet.”

Molli and Trigger