“When I first called you to trim Prince and Vinny I seriously had my doubts it would work out.  Vinny is quite stubborn with incredible strength and Prince has so many fear issues due to his past abuse.  You were so patient with both of them on that first day and spent so much extra time building their security.  Vinny was tripping when walking and had such bad fungal problems.  You have only been out a few times and the fungus is getting much better and he no longer trips.  Your work with Prince has been the most impressive of all.  He was so frightened he wouldn’t even let me touch his back legs and you were able to talk him into propping his back hooves and filing them.  I truly believe it was your patience and skill that has made such progress.  It is so wonderful to watch him relax and form a relationship with you.  I’m confident that with regular visits from you not only will their hooves be in top shape but their demeanor will improve as well.  I also cannot thank you enough for taking time to educate me on horse ownership, but also how to help me form a closer bond with my horses. Thank you. ”

Sherry, Prince and Vinny