I currently provide barefoot hoof care and equine bodywork services throughout central North Carolina.  If my schedule allows, I am happy to travel to most locations; travel fees may apply.


Hoof Care Services:

  • Evaluation: This may be an initial evaluation, second opinion or pre-purchase evaluation.  I will look at your horse(s), evaluating the overall health, hoof health and discuss with you what I can offer your horse(s) to set them on a path for optimal overall health as well as optimal hoof health.  Note: this does not replace a veterinary evaluation.
  • Initial Trim: This involves obtaining history about your horse(s) including health history, lifestyle and nutrition information as well as history about hoof care. Pictures of the horse may be taken.
  • Maintenance trim: The interval for a maintenance trim is determined by the amount of growth of the hoof between trims as well as how balance is maintained in the hooves. Lifestyle and terrain also factor into this interval. Most barefoot horses seem to require a trim interval of 4-5 weeks in order to prevent overgrowth and ensure balance is maintained.
  • Founder Care: Evaluation of the horse’s condition and formulation of a plan for rehabilitation.  A trim plan will be suggested based on the needs of the individual horse.
  •  Rehabilitation Trim: When pathologies are present and the focus is on rehabilitation, more frequent trim intervals may be required to enable health to be restored to the hoof. This trim interval is determined for each individual horse and the specific situation. I will work with the owner to set up a trim plan that facilitates rehabilitation on a case basis.
  • Interim call:  As requested by the owner.  Fees determined on a case basis.
  •  Hoof Cast
  •  Shoe Removal


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Equine Bodywork Services

  • Balanced Equine Structural Therapy (BEST):  This session will involve an overall physical assessment of your horse to evaluate form and function. Imbalances of the TMJ, musculoskeletal structure and feet can factor significantly in a horse’s comfort as well as performance. When any part of the body is out of balance, another part of the body is compensating and also out of balance.  Physical issues that are often thought to be conformational are sometimes actually postural and can often be improved through this work.  Horses seem to enjoy this work that improves circulation and helps bring the body back to balance.  Sessions typically last one to one and a half hours.
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Please note:  For all services, travel exceeding one hour from my home base may result in an additional travel fee.
My hoof care practice does not include trimming draft horses.
NOTE: Carla Ball is a professional equine hoof care provider who completed in depth education, examination and certification through Equine Soundness, Inc.  Carla Ball and/or Carla Ball Balanced Horse, LLC does not accept responsibility for application by others of information presented here.  Carla Ball is not a veterinarian and does not practice veterinary medicine.