The goal of every bare hoof trim I perform is to leave the horse as good or better than before the trim.  To that end, I evaluate every horse as a whole and each hoof as an individual.  I trim each hoof to parameters that will enable that particular hoof to function as physiologically correct as possible.  This allows the hoof to achieve balance when loaded.  I believe this type of trim achieves the best opportunity for good health of the internal structures of the hoof which allows for optimum performance in healthy hooves as well as an opportunity for healing pathologies when present.

I am able to provide this level of expertise as a result of the hoof care education I received at Equine Soundness, Inc.  This education included not only landmark anatomy of external structures but an in depth understanding of internal structures as well as physiology and much more.  I believe understanding medial lateral balance as well as anterior posterior balance is critical to healthy hooves.  This understanding includes not only recognizing the situation but having the knowledge and practical skills to set any pathology toward a path to improved health.  Also, understanding what the effect will be on the hoof and internal structures of holding a knife or rasp at one angle as opposed to another angle is, to me, essential to trimming for the health of the hoof.  Everything any trimmer or farrier does to the hoof affects the new growth of the hoof.

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What is an appropriate trim interval?

It is very well documented by ultrasound and thermography that a bare hoof, or unshod hoof has more blood flow than a hoof with a shoe or a shod hoof.  When there is more circulation, there is increased nerve function and also more hoof growth. Typically, with barefoot horses, a trim interval between 4-5 weeks seems to work best in order to maintain balance and therefore good health within the hoof capsule.  Many things affect this interval such as, nutrition, terrain the horse lives on, terrain the horse works on, amount of work the horse gets and I base a trim interval on the individual horse.  Again, what is paramount to a healthy hoof is maintaining balance so that any load is equally distributed throughout the hoof upon weight bearing.


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